March 29, 2017

Biodiesel production from waste fats

Biodiesel production. Nowadays, the term “biodiesel” is vague. Originally it was used as a name for a mixture of fuel oil and vegetable oil in a ratio of 70-95% / 30-5%.

Now it is a term for fuel made of animal or vegetable fats by transesterification.

The use of biodiesel as fuel reduces the amount of almost all harmful substances released into the atmosphere typical of...

March 27, 2017

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel

Alternative fuel. An increase in the number of cars has led to a growing demand for petroleum products. But the oil reserves are estimated to last only a few decades, thus forcing to actively search for alternative fuels.

Depletion of oil reserves will have a significant impact on the transport sector. That’s why so much attention is paid to alternative fuels, especially biodiesel obtained from vegetable oils.

December 2, 2016

By-product of biodiesel production. Where to use Glycerol?

The worldwide interest in biofuels is especially important now, caused by the progressing depletion of crude oil resources. Within the two last decades, not only specialized laboratories, but governments actively work on the idea of using vegetable oil and animal fat to produce renewable environmentally safe biodiesel fuel for diesel engines.

Biodiesel fuel is a mixture of monoalkyl esters of long chain fatty acids, obtained from vegetable oil or animal fat....

Production of Biodiesel

Vegetable oil (sunflower, rapeseed, flax, etc.) is the main raw material for production of biodiesel.  The type of oil used gives some particular properties to the final product.  For example, rapeseed oil-based biodiesel has a relatively low calorific value and high pour point and filterability.

Generally speaking, the process of biodiesel production is aimed at the reduction of vegetable oil viscosity.  This effect can be achieved using...

August 30, 2016

Vegetable-Based Fuel for Diesel Engines

Vegetable-based fuel is the name for biodiesel, plant oil and other plant-derived liquids that can be burnt in engine cylinders.  Biodiesel is the most popular fuel in the European market.

In those countries where this type of fuel is not used yet, it is possible to implement a gradual transition by mixing biodiesel with petroleum products of mass consumption.

The following mixture can be applied in...

Biodiesel fuel: applications, production and advantages

Biodiesl fuel is made of vegetable oil and methanol. Ethanol or isopropyl alcohol can be used instead of the latter. The process is based on transesterification of the product in the ratio of 200 kg of methanol per 1 ton of oil. Sodium or potassium hydroxide is also a component in the production process. Process occurs at 60ºС at normal pressure.

To make the fuel compliant with the quality standards, the...

What is Biodiesel Fuel?

Biodiesel fuel is a less harmful to the environment substitute for conventional fuel that is made from 100 percent replaceable staple.

It is destined to become the fuel of the new era. It is widely known as Biofuel. Biodiesel does not contain any fractions of processed crude oil, but conventional fuel can be blended to make biodiesel mix (eg. B20, B50) that can be used in different machineries. However, unmixed...

What is Biodiesel

Biodiesel fuel is a clean burning alternative fuel that is made from 100% renewable materials.  Many people believe that Biodiesel is the fuel of the future. Sometimes it is also known as Biofuel.  Biodiesel does not contain petroleum, but petroleum can be mixed to produce a biodiesel blend (eg. B20, B50) that can be used in various cars.  Pure biodiesel fuel (ie. B100), though, can only be used in diesel...

Hydrogen Fuel Cars - Do they Exist

Did you know that hydrogen fuel cars are already on the streets of many first world countries? General Motors and Ford already launched hydrogen fuel cars and currently, BMW has created a series of the same type of vehicle. General Motors already have thirteen hydrogen fuel cars roaming the streets of Washington, including 6 minivans.

Ford is still in the process of manufacturing Focus. Other car manufacturers namely Honda, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler,...

The Basic Fact Sheet On Diesel Fuel Prices

As consumers, the basic basket of goods that we often purchase in the course of everyday involves diesel and other fuel products, making us susceptible to the impact of diesel fuel prices. Diesel fuel, gasoline, and oil are used not only in running cars and other transport vehicles, but also are used for cooking, heating the home, and powering diesel-powered equipment like snow-blowers, lawn-mowers, and the like. A huge chunk...

How the Industry Arrives at Diesel Fuel Prices

The movement in diesel fuel prices has had a strong impact in a variety of industries that makes use of diesel not only in running machinery, but also in transporting goods. This is because the use of diesel in transportation and energy underlie a huge number of functions in everyday life. Majority of delivery trucks, public transport vehicles like trains, buses, boats, ships and barges, and even construction and farming...

Diesel Fuel Prices Versus Gasoline Prices

Does biodiesel equipment makes fuels cheappier?

History has it that the gasoline prices have been higher than the diesel fuel prices. But then again, this does not always hold true. During some winters, the demand for distillate heating oil increases which also raises the price of diesel fuel so much so that is becomes more expensive than gasoline.

In the United States since September 2004, the price of diesel fuel has been...

Is a Biodiesel Vehicle the Right Choice for You?

These days the rising cost of fuel is making everyone rethink their vehicle choices.  People are starting to care more about how much gas a car uses then how good it looks.  With new alternative fuel choices, like biodiesel on the market that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly, many people are starting to wonder if a biodiesel vehicle is right for them.

A biodiesel vehicle is worth considering.  Biodiesel fuel...

Biodiesel Supplies

Making your own fuel at home can be rewarding and fun. However you need to know what Biodiesel supplies you will need and where to get them. You can either make your fuel from scratch or use a kit. This will all depend on how much you need to make, how much time you want to take and of course your experience.

What you need: when you make your own fuel...

Biodiesel and You

Alternative fuels can seem a bit too weird or Hollywood for some people. The idea of using a fuel source that is all natural and not petroleum based can seem almost risky. Some past alternative fuel sources have left much to be desired. However, biodiesel fuel is an alternative that is considered by many to be the alternative fuel of the future.

Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel that is made...

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