Multipurpose Blending System and Cavitation System USB (with capacities ranging from 260 to 26000 gallons per hour) is designed to blend up to five separate liquid components, particularly diesel with biodiesel and stabilizing fuel additives, to prepare multi-component blending motor fuel including with biodiesel derivatives.

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Address: Edewechter Landstra?e 173, Oldenburg-Eversten, Deutschland, 26131

GlobeCore Biodiesel systems can make biodiesel from:
- vegetable oils
- animal fats
- used cooking oil
- algas and fusa and other raw material

Standard GlobeCore Biodiesel plants are available with the following productivity: 
- 4000 L/H
- 8000 L/H
- 12000 L/H
- 16000 L/H