May 23, 2017

Biodiesel Reactor

biodiesel processor is:

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December 5, 2016

GlobeCore's Biodiesel Technology | Unique advantages

Our biodiesel technology has some unique advantages:

– The process is based on the Bernoulli principle, which is a case of energy conservation law for a stable stream of ideal (no internal friction, incompressible) fluid.

The process has minimal power demands. The oil is heated by continuous oil heaters, some of the heat is compensated by the heat output of methanol and alkali reaction. It does not require significant power; besides,...

Biodiesel what is it? Biodiesel processor ?

biodiesel what is it

Biodiesel processor? Biodiesel is recently developed type of biofuel, made of replaceable staple. It is very similar to conventional diesel, used in motor vehicles, but it is not extracted from under the ground. Alternatively it is produced from vegetables, nuts and seeds. Main cultures used for biodiesel production are peanuts, sunflower, rape seeds, and soybeans. Literately, any vegetable oil can be used for biodiesel production. Also...

Biodiesel myth & facts

What Biodiesel is:

Biodiesel is a substitute for conventional fuel, made of domestic and industrial waste such as used vegetable oils, fats, extracted from animal tissue, and even from recently discovered staple ??“ seaweed. Biodiesel is not produced from a crude oil, however it can be mixed with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel mixture. Biodiesel mixtures can be used in most if not all conventional diesel engines with no or...

Why Diesel Fuel Prices Are High

Diesel fuel prices used to be less than gasoline prices. But a lot of people are now wondering why diesel fuel costs higher than gasoline. The primary reason is the increasing global demand. The other factors would be environmental restrictions and higher federal taxes. (All of these will be tackled in detail below.)

What people do not realize is that the pattern shifts. During the summer, people tend to use their...

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