Biodiesel plant



1. Biodiesel plant UBD-4
2. Line oil heater for biodiesel
3. Biodiesel hydrodynamic cavitational reactor
4. Biodiesel separation columns and settling tanks
5. Biodiesel treatment, filtration and polishing unit
6. Methanol sampling unit

biodiesel-plantGlobeCore GmbH can offer turn-key projects and processing line for BIODIESEL production.

Biodiesel plants (reactors) have productivity from 4000 to 16000 L/H, receiving of biodiesel is possible from any types of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Furthermore on these biodiesel installations receiving the BIODIESEL from the over roasted oil, the BIODIESEL from algas and fusa is possible.

The complex on biodiesel production is intended for interesterification of vegetable oil or animal fat, (other oils and fats) by high-disperse mixing with the catalyst and further dry cleaning of the BIODIESEL to compliance to the European EN 14214 standards and the American ASTM standards.

The unique technology allows producing biodiesel without continuous change-over of options from any kind of vegetable oil, and also animal fats. All units of a complex on production of the biodiesel are made in explosion-proof design, from stainless steel.

Used accessories of such world leaders as “Danfoss”, “SIEMENS”, “Festo”, “Willo”, “Bartec”, “Cortem”, “Wika”, “Blackmer”, “ABB”, “Shneider Electric”, “Ent”, “GRUNDFOS.


Physical configuration of the biodiesel plant in Spain and Malaysia

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Biodiesel plant UBD-4



Productivity m³/h 4
Protection type - II2GEExdIIBT3
Rated capacity (not more) kW 175
Power voltage ~50Hz V 380
Pressure of the control air МPа 0,6 – 0,8
Volume of the settling tank 20,8
Filtering degree mcm 5


The complex on the biodiesel production consists of the following units (blocks):

  • line heater of oil;
  • biodiesel reactor;
  • biodiesel settler with supplying block;
  • block of methanol selection;
  • cleaning and filtration unit.

Previously cleared oil is supplied on heater line; there it is warmed up to operate temperature. The warmed-up oil moves to biodiesel reactor for biodiesel production. Also solutions of alkali and methanol are supply to the same reactor. At the exit from the biodiesel reactor by hydrodynamic mixing way and reaction of oil, solution of alkali and methanol the crude biodiesel is created.

Biodiesel arrives in settler of biodiesel production complex, there is taking place stratification of water-glyceric phase and its pumping

The remained biodiesel moves on the block of methanol selection, vacuum drying is taking place there.

Final cleaning of the biodiesel is carried out by block of cleaning and filtration. Passing through a layer of ion-exchange pitch, the biodiesel is cleared of residual methanol. Mechanical impurity is selected by filters system.


Biodiesel complexes which are working based on technology of GLOBECORE BLENDING have the following advantages:

  • Low consumption of equipment energy.
  • Instant reaction of interesterification
  • At application of innovative energy saving technology, energy consumption decrease in the course of production.
  • The modular principle of complex creation (mobility during the transporting and installation of the BIODIESEL equipment).
  • Effective process of production allows to use small installations.
  • Biodiesel quality meets the international standards.
  • There is no waste: the phase of glycerin can be used for various purposes (e.g. generation of energy, fertilizer, etc.)
  • It isn’t required, washing and biodiesel drying, demetanolization;
  • Complexes are equipped with technology of continuous action reactor  that is allow to increase the speed and quality of reaction, it is increase not only qualitative, but also speed of its production, and it allows to save energy resources in 5-7 times in comparison with existing technologies and the equipment.
  • The equipment, differs the simplicity in operation, high efficiency, and also thanks to new technological development and continuous tests we will improve an equipment design, increasing thereby quality and an exit of the processed raw materials,
  • reducing power consumption of the equipment,
  • metal consumption of designs,
  • increasing its efficiency.

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Line oil heater for biodiesel

Intended for oil heating before feeding it into biodiesel reactor.


oil-heaterLine heater of the oil consists of three pairs of vessels (joining-up in series and installed on the frame), rotodynamic pump, automated system and pipe-lines. In each vessel installed tubular heating element composed of six tubular heaters.

Oil is feeded into the vessel through the mesh filter by means of rotodynamic pump. In this vessel oil is heated to the desired temperature; temperature is regulated by temperature detectorAutomated system turns off the tubular heating element in case of exceeding the upper temperature limit and turns on the heating element in the case of the reduction of temperature to the lower threshold.

Liquid pressure controlled by manometers on the inlet and outlet of line heater of the oil. To protect the line heater from the overpressure it’s furnished by emergency valve.



Delivery pressure МPа 0,24
Maximum pressure МPа 0,3
Transmitting capacity of the delivery pressure m³/h 5
Rated capacity kW 85
Oil heating temperature ºС 70
Voltage 50 Hz V 380
Overall dimensions length mm 1420
width 1280
height 1965
Weight (not more) kg 1015

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Biodiesel hydrodynamic cavitational reactor

reactor in SpainBiodiesel hydrodynamic explosion proof reactor is intended for obtaining the crude biodiesel by blending the components of biodiesel production.

GlobeCore GmbH produces the biodiesel reactors with the capacity from 1 m³/h to 16 m³/h depending on the client’s requirements.

All accessories, pipe-lines and fittings of the biodiesel reactor are made from the corrosion-proof materials.

The construction of the biodiesel reactor provides the ability to control and regulate blending process and adapted to the different type of oils.


Process pressure МPа 1,6
Rated capacity kW 15
Capacity For oil m³/h 4
For methyl 0,8
Explosion protection type - II2GEExdIIBT3
Supply voltage V 380
Density Hz 50
Overall dimensions length mm 3210
width 475
height 1585
Weight kg 705


Biodiesel reactor consists of the main and the several secondary blending sections installed on the fabricated frame.

Prepared components are fed by means of pumps through the flow meters on the hydrodynamic mixer. We installed different valves for regulating the quantity of supplied components. Manometers, vacuum meters and temperature detectors are controlling the blending process, crude biodiesel temperature in the output of the mixer and reactor.

Depending on the type of the oil and its quality can be necessary additional blending of the components. For these reasons we installed additional sections for mixing which consist of the pump, mixer and controlling equipments.

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Biodiesel separation columns and settling tanks

Biodiesel settling tank with the efflux block is explosion proof and intended for settling of the crude biodiesel (separation of water-glycerin phase, pumping the separated phases for further processing)


Total volume 20,8
Rated capacity (not more) kW 10
Voltage 50 Hz V 380
Pressure of the control air МPа 0,6
Explosion protection type - II2GEExdIIBT3

Overall dimensions

length m 7280
width 2230
height 4220
Weight (not more) kg 6300


separation and settling tankBiodiesel settling tank consists of the four vessels mounted on the fabricated frame which are installed as separated modules. The feed line of the crude biodiesel leads to the vessels of biodiesel reactor;the scavenge line of the biodiesel and water-glycerin mixture leads to the efflux block. The flows of the liquid controlled from the control cabinet of biodiesel settling tank by means of air-operated valve.

Crude biodiesel enters into the vessel where take place the settling process. In the vessels of the biodiesel settling tank installed level detectors. The design also provided by observation windows for controlling the level of phase disengagement.

During the settling process of the crude biodiesel at the lower part of the vessel settles the layer of water-glycerin phase and at the top part rises the biodiesel.

First glycerin is pumped off and then biodiesel. Efflux block is mounted of the separated frame and includes rotodynamic pump for biodiesel pumping off and its supplying to the methanol sampling device, asphalt pump for glycerin pumping.

All accessories, pipe-lines and fittings of the biodiesel settling tank (which can contact with the biodiesel) are made from the corrosion-proof materials.

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Biodiesel treatment, filtration and polishing unit

The unit for treatment, filtration and polishing of the biodiesel is explosion proof and intended for biodiesel cleaning from mechanical impurities and extraction of residual methanol.

The treatment and filtration unit consists of the vessels filled by ion exchanger, filters for cleaning from mechanical impurities; pump drain and pipe-line system.

For easier maintenance the unit is provided by the ladder.


Capacity m³/h 4
Process pressure МPа 0,3
Filtration degree mcm 5
Rated capacity (not more) kWт 5
Power voltage 50 Hz V 380
Overall dimensions length mm 4910
width 1620
height 3600
Weight kg 970


filtration and polishing unitFrom the methanol sampling block the biodiesel enters into the filtration and purification unit. Biodiesel enters into the vessels through the flowmeters. Direction of the stream up and down is regulated by the valves. Sampling of the residual methanol takes place during the contact with the ion exchanger. After this process biodiesel is purified from the mechanical impurities in the blocks of the unit for purification and filtration.

We installed the rotodynamic pump to provide ability of forced discharge of the fuel from the vessels. This pump is controlled by means of solenoid starter which is mounted on the unit for filtration and purification. Fuel distribution is controlled and provided by the operator in the manual mode.

Biodiesel is coming to the consumers after purification.

All accessories of the unit for purification and filtration are made from the corrosion-proof materials

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Methanol sampling unit

Methanol sampling unit is explosion proof and vacuumized intended for biodiesel purification from unreacted methanol.


Capacity m³/h 4
Vacuum pressure МPа 0,01
Coolant temperature ºС 4
Rated capacity kW 65
Operating temperature of the biodiesel ºС 85 -90
Power voltage 50Hz V 380
Explosion protection type - II2GEExdIIBT3
Overall dimensions length mm 2000
width 1300
height 4500
Weight kg 2830


Biodiesel enters into the methanol sampling unit from biodiesel settling tank. By means of pump and through the heat-exchanging unit the biodiesel enters into the vacuum vessel. In this vessel biodiesel is heated and passes deep vacuum cleaning. Efflux pump delivers biodiesel to the heat-exchanging unit for cooling and to the out of the unit. Temperature detector is controlling the temperature of the medium. Processing temperature supported automatically. Level-sensing devices are controlling automatically the level of the biodiesel in the vacuum vessel of the unit for methanol sampling.

methanol samplingFoam detector is controlling the level of the foam in the vessel. In the case of foam abundance air supply valve is opening for reducing the level of the vacuum. The valve is closing after reducing the level of the foam to the accepted level.

Methanol vapor enters to the heat-exchanging unit during the working of the unit for methanol sampling, this vapor is condensed.

Liquid methanol enters to the methanol collecting tank.

When it reaches the top level turns on the pump and blocked the flow of methanol. Reaching the lower level, the system returns to its initial condition.

The design of the unit for methanol sampling provides the possibility of visual control over the levels of biodiesel and methanol through an observation glass.

As the cooler in the unit for methanol sampling is used water cooled in the chiller, or/if necessary, an aqueous solution of antifreeze.

To ensure the required degree of vacuum on the unit for methanol sampling has two vacuum pumps. For more smooth operation of the vacuum system we have provided a receiver.

After the unit for methanol sampling the biodiesel enters into the unit for filtration and purification where takes place the final purification.

All equipment is assembled on a welded frame with pallet. The main units and components of the unit made from corrosion resistant materials.


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